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Injuries suffered while working or traveling aboard a vessel in navigable waters are covered under the Jones Act. These cases are commonly referred to as maritime claims but the injuries covered can include those suffered while aboard a vessel on a navigable waterway as well as those suffered at sea. The most common issues to be addressed in a maritime case include:

  • Liability for the conditions that resulted in injury
  • Unseaworthiness of the vessel
  • Maintenance pay
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wage-earning capacity
  • Permanent impairment

Causey Wright represents the injured parties in maritime cases, whether as an on-the-job injury or when a passenger on a vessel becomes injured. On larger cases, we may collaborate with other attorneys if the case is ultimately filed in Washington Superior Court or Federal District Court. Fees charged are based on a percentage of monies obtained and are contingent on our success with the case. No recovery, no fee.

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