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Kristen Wolf

Kristen Wolf  |  Paralegal

Born and raised in Minnesota, Kristen earned her B.A. in Psychology from the College of Saint Benedict. She then spent several years working in social services, primarily helping children and young adults with mental health concerns and/or developmental disabilities. In 2004, she relocated to Seattle in hopes of escaping the MN winters and “trying something different” for a year or two. While she enjoys her trips back to the homeland, she can’t give up all the Pacific Northwest has to offer (or go back to those winters!).

Kristen completed the UW paralegal certificate program in 2007 and immediately entered the legal field. She has since helped handle a variety of civil litigation matters and developed a reputation for working hard, staying on top of her cases, and paying meticulous attention to detail. After years of experience and soul-searching, Kristen is thrilled to have found a place where she can combine her legal experience with her background in advocating for, and assisting, individuals.

Outside of work, Kristen enjoys trail running, hiking, sailing, cycling - generally anything that allows her to stay active and explore nature. She recently took up scuba diving, so she can explore the underwater world as well.